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MAD-learn's relevant and engaging Mobile App Development program allows every K-12 student to create an app from beginning to end by empowering 21st Century technology literacy. Using the design thinking process, MAD-learn prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s careers by exposing them to all aspects of product development: ideation, planning, design, creation, testing, and launch. These vital and transferable skills are critical to today’s global technological economy.




App Creation



The MAD-learn experience

App Development Program

Computer Science is more than writing code. We teach all aspects of App Development, not just coding.

PD for Teachers

Empowering teachers with personalized professional development and training for the best student outcomes.

Instant live Apps

Measure the program impact and student/teacher performance through real time usage data

User Analytics

Measure the program impact and student/teacher performance via real time usability data view.

24/7 Support

Our team of experienced educators is available around the clock to provide teacher support and assistance.


Work individually or in local or global teams to give students real-world and relevant job experiences.


Imagine the look on a student’s face when they see the app that they have been developing on their mobile phone for the very first time? And can actually use it and share it with their peers? This is the look that EVERY student has with MAD-learn. The MAD-store app is our version of the App Store for all student-made mobile apps. Download it now to see and use apps that students around the world have made.

Student Created Apps

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