The Value of Global Connections for K-12 Students

Ever thought about bringing the world into your classroom and how priceless it would be for students to engage in collaborative learning across the globe? Although some students have been privileged enough to experience global collaboration on one scale or another, a larger percentage of students around the world have not. How fascinating would it be if global collaboration among students to enhance teamwork and creativity were accessible to all! The benefits of classrooms that connect to the world are countless. Building bridges to enhance global networking is a sure way of broadening a student’s horizon.

In discovering their potential and who they are, it is essential that students learn to appreciate diversity by empathizing with others, placing value on different perspectives other than their own, solving problems that transcend borders and gaining a better understanding of how global events are interconnected. In order for students to give off their best in the global community, their attitudes, skills and knowledge base need to be developed in correspondence with the world in which we live. Global collaboration goes beyond being an avenue for a competitive future job. It also enables students to be engaged, empathetic and effective agents of global change. Globally-minded projects for K-12 students will inspire these young ones to put their curiosity to good use by being involved in investigative and reflective analysis which leads to growth in cultural literacy. They examine issues of global importance, share experiences and exchange ideas.

Driven by the passion to impact students’ lives globally and the urge to bring the world into the classroom, MAD-learn birthed the Global Collaboration Project “MAD about Mattering” with renowned educator and speaker, Vicki Davis. MAD about Mattering is a one-of-a-kind program that brings global collaboration beyond classroom and school walls together with app development that is compassion-based and problem/solution focused.  This project provides participating students with the opportunity to not only develop apps in relation to topics that matter to them, but also learn the collaboration and technical skills that go along with working on a global team.  This enables students to be true creators of technology, not just consumers of it.

Teams formed during the course of the project consist of students from various classes around the world. Students create mobile apps through a virtual editor with no coding required. You and your students have the flexibility of running MAD about Mattering at anytime in the school year which is convenient for you and for as long as you would like it to last while we provide resources and assistance as needed. Our Aim is to give more classrooms the opportunity to collaborate virtually and the fluidity to work together in creating amazing apps without the constraint of time.

Get your students started today! Contact our amazing  Project Manager, Doreen Bandua at: