MAD-learn Curriculum 2.0: A Smarter Way to Access Resources!

Ready for some fantastic news?! Accessing resources for the MAD-learn curriculum has just become more efficient and easier than ever. A new Curriculum Management System is now in place for you to easily get whatever resources you need; from standard lesson plans and presentation slide decks, to tutorials and activities for enhancement or reinforcement.

Here’s how it works:

Click the “Curriculum” button on the dashboard. 

Select “Elementary” or “Secondary” to see all of the resources you need for that level.

See the six units, each with an overview and list of resources associated with it.

Click on any resource to access, preview and download it!

We used the same hierarchy to organize files, starting with lesson plans and ending with background articles and resources. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or suggestions you might have. Meanwhile, we invite you to take the short tour, here. ENJOY the experience!