MAD-news for May: Thank you Teachers!

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A week ago today was National Teacher Appreciation Day and I wanted to make sure we could take this opportunity to thank every teacher who positively impacted our lives when we were kids and every teacher who is working tirelessly with us to positively impact their students lives today. We can’t thank you enough for all you do! The best way we know how to show this appreciation is by continuing to build great tools and great programs for you to use with your students.

I just got back to DC after being away for several weeks visiting our team in Delhi, India. These are the people behind the scenes, the ones that work hard every day to create the technologies for your students to help them thrive in tomorrow’s world. This is the team that powers what MAD-learn is today. Don’t miss our fun pictures below! I am so honored to work next to people who are wanting to make a difference, and wanting to make change happen.

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

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School Year Ending with a MAD-bang

As we all know, the school year never “winds down.” It ends in a flurry of activity that includes giving final exams, writing one more set of report cards, and wrapping up projects like MAD-learn! During this time, our Director of Curriculum and Implementation Gregg Stone spent several days at Bugg Magnet Elementary (Wake County Public Schools) in Raleigh, NC. He and the teachers there guided the fourth and fifth grades through the final stages of the app development process. The fourth graders created apps to go with their work on famous landforms, while the fifth graders organized information related to the physics of sports. “Students and faculty, alike, really made me feel welcomed,” said Gregg of his time at Bugg. “I think everyone really enjoyed the experience of all of us working together during key parts of the project.”

We also had the amazing opportunity to present with March’s MAD-teacher of the Month, Bill Hallman, at the New York Library Association Conference on Long Island. A standing room only crowd of librarians and media specialists from throughout the Empire State were impressed by the experiences and successes Bill shared about MAD-learn at Springs School, and the attendees even got some “hands-on” experience with MAD-learn. If you are a teacher looking to present at a local conference, let us know and we would be happy to help and support you!

Teacher of the Month

For a program like MAD-learn to find success, whether at a school or a district, there has to be a dependable “point person” on site to help inspire the change that programs like MAD-learn can bring and keep everyone excited about the opportunities for students and faculty. We have been fortunate to have two exceptional liaisons in Union County Public Schools, NC this year. Brian Elliot and Jennifer Williams, at Parkwood Middle and High Schools, respectively, have been models of such a successful partnership. These two IT coaches have shown their strong commitment to bringing a variety of tech tools to their students, and they are proven assets to the staffs they serve. We recognize and thank these two dedicated educators for making MAD-learn such a hit at these two schools, and we look forward to more great years ahead!

… joining the fun with our team in Delhi – water parks, road trips, dinners, farewells, welcomes, and lots of yummy food! If you’re traveling to India anytime soon, let us know and we would love to have you visit our office in Delhi!

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