MAD-news for April: Now is the time!

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Dedication. Passion. Strategy.

All Key ingredients for a Successful instructional yearlong pilot of @MADlearn resulting in 1461 mobile apps created at @ParkwoodMS_NC across content and grade levels! This is what one of our amazingly successful middle schools at Union County Public Schools in NC tweeted about their first year experience with MAD-learn and we couldn’t be more proud of the work their team and ours did together to achieve these great results at the High School and Middle School level. Elementary is up next!

If you’re ready to enhance student hands-on learning experiences with the relevancy and urgency of technology skills that are needed today, NOW is the time to start planning for the upcoming school year. Reach out to us today – team@mad-learn.com

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

Sneak Peak: New Template Offers a Wealth of Options

You asked and we answered! Launching in a few weeks is a brand new template in MAD-learn that will allow students to customize and add specific elements of their choosing to a particular screen. It includes radio buttons, checklists, drop-down windows, images, videos, and more. Stay tuned for tutorials to navigate the new template and suggestions for various new uses.

MAD-learn sails to Cyprus

 Our VP of Sales Kimberley Bynoe recently had the unique opportunity to share how using MAD-learn can enable authentic learning experiences for students throughout the beautiful and historic island of Cyprus. The workshop, which was attended by teachers from all over the country, was extremely well received, and we look forward to the potential of doing more “deep dive” training sessions in the Fall!

Teacher of the Month

Cristy Pelham, teacher at Sweetwater School District in WY has been an advocate for empowering young entrepreneurs for some time now. Her 5th graders opened their own “Eagle Store” and secured an interest free loan to get it up and running! She has been a long-time MAD-learn teacher, giving gifted & talented students in the District opportunities to learn and experience first hand what it means to build a technology product.

Her students demonstrated persistence and skill in addressing both the building of their mobile apps and their quality assurance (QA), which resulted in an explosion of app publications on the MAD-store. Here is Cristy with her students and their “MAD-store Approved” certificates. Email success@mad-learn.com to get a copy of the certificate for use with your students (thanks for the great idea Cristy!)

Remembering to get your students to download the MAD-store appon any phone or tablet device (iOS or Android) and view their apps! Check out how excited Janney Elementary students were with their amazing teacher Ms. Zallman when we visited them and they saw their apps on a phone for the first time!

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