MAD-news for June: Join us at #ISTE18 in Chicago!

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It’s officially summer and that means that school buildings across the nation have few or no students roaming their hallways. It’s a time for quiet reflection, for absorbing lessons learned, for planning, and for some much needed rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It’s also a time for ISTE! The International Society for Technology in Education is holding its annual conference in Chicago this year starting this weekend (June 23-27).

If you’re going to be at ISTE in Chicago this year, we would love to take you out to lunch or coffee, or drinks one day. Please let me know ASAP a few times that you have available so we can coordinate schedules. You can email me directly at alefiya@mad-learn.com. We will also be at the CS and Maker Playgrounds on Sunday, June 24 from 12pm-4pm with teachers and students from local schools so you can hear, first hand, how powerful MAD-learn can be in your classroom. We hope to see you there!

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

  • Reminder: labels for things like the three default screens in the Mobile App Maker (Splash, Home and Click’n’Share) and bulk account upload headings for student accounts should NOT be changed.
  • If you want to add data in multiple columns on an app screen, it’s best to create a table, save it as a PDF, and bring it into the app using the PDF or one of the HTML templates.

MAD about Mattering 2018 Provides Important Lessons

Students involved in this year’s MAM project discovered what it is really like to work in a global workplace, addressing global issues. Their feedback during the project’s finale showed that they learned much about how challenging and, ultimately, rewarding such an experience can be. The twelve apps that were produced represented a great deal of hard work, collaboration, critical thinking, and even presentation savvy.  As one teacher put it, “There aren’t a lot of opportunities to learn and work with others who are not physically in the same location…and I think that’s something that they’ll be experiencing a lot more in the next five to ten years.” We congratulate all of this year’s participants, and especially the teams that created the top three apps: EnduranceSober Up, and Emotion Meter!

Students Impress During Delaware School Visit

A recent visit to the Delaware Design Lab High School, a charter school in Newark, featured a full day of meetings with several extraordinary students. MAD about Mattering participants shared their experiences with us. One of those students, a budding entrepreneur, took time out of his busy schedule to work with us on an app he was building on his own to help his in-school business, Brown’s Brownies. The app is meant to give students an opportunity to pre-order his home made goodies and even select a time of day for delivery. He found the new Custom Template to be the perfect vehicle for this. Finally we had an opportunity to meet the school’s MAD-interns. These two juniors have been creating video tutorials “for students, by students” that will become available soon. We thank Executive Director, Rebecca Collins for her hospitality and contributions to her students’ success!

Teacher of the Month

Vicki Davis has a long list of accomplishments. They include: podcaster, blogger, twitterer, YouTuber, global collaborator, freelance author, presenter, brand ambassador, proud teacher, and proud parent. She was also one of the very first MAD-teachers ever, and was instrumental in helping the MAD about Mattering project take shape and run effectively. Vicki has been the IT Director and Teacher at Westwood Schools for many years and is now going to be at Sherwood Christian Academy serving as their IT Director and CS Teacher.

We salute Vicki for all of her endeavors, as well as helping to make MAD-learn a program that has grown tenfold since its 2014 inception. Check out her recent CoolCatTeacher post, featuring MAD-learn, at www.coolcatteacher.com/e307 and be sure to look for her at #ISTE18 in Chicago!

…hearing from MAD-superstar teacher Sara Brown at West End Academy in Atlanta, GA about how she transformed her remedial student experience into something that was engaging and relevant for them. And that they were excited about! Watch Sara here.

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