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France won the World Cup. Djokovic won Wimbledon. Big weekend for sports fans around the world. I grew up watching the World Cup for the simple reason that my parents happened to live in Argentina when the World Cup was hosted there and they made it a tradition, a part of life, something that we would all enjoy together every 4 years. It has brought a tremendous amount of anticipation and oneness to our family ever since. While tradition can have an important place in family life, it can in your classroom as well. There’s no doubt that we need to innovate and bring new experiences to our students, but there is also a strong place for tradition, comfort, and bonds that are built through repetition. #dontforget

I met a dear friend and MAD-believer last week at his district in Niagara – 5 years and counting for his district using MAD-learn. From an experiment with 1 teacher in a single school to now having over 50 teachers across 25 schools in the district is a great reminder of how innovative ideas can lead to amazing and effective tradition with time, investment, and the ultimate goal of student success. Check it out.

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

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MAD-connections at ISTE 2018

The International Society of Technology in Education annually draws tens of thousands of educators to such cities as Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Chicago. CEO Alefiya Master and VP of Sales, Kimberley Bynoe attended this year’s event in the Windy City, but they were no strangers in the crowd! They were joined by several MAD-teachers from around the country, some of whom spent their entire Sunday afternoon giving first hand experiences to fellow educators in two of the “Playground” areas visited by thousands of attendees.

Several other MAD-teachers stopped by to say hello and share their experiences using the program. It was great for us to meet with them and discuss ideas and plans face to face! We love having teachers share their experiences with colleagues, whether it be in their schools or at conferences. Please let us know anytime you have an opportunity to be a conference presenter, and we’ll be happy to support you!

Get Ready for MAD about Mattering 2.0

We have some exciting news to share about our new and improved global collaboration project, MAD about Mattering. We will be making matches between classrooms around the world to ensure students of similar ages and similar class schedules are able to meet and collaborate through virtual connections and build apps across borders.

By introducing this new and improved form of MAD about Mattering, we hope to give more classrooms the opportunity to collaborate virtually and the fluidity to work together in creating amazing apps without the constraint of time. We are looking forward to a more amazing and exciting series of authentic global collaboration and app creation projects through the upcoming school year. For more information on how you and your students can now work with another classroom in a different part of the country or world, contact our Project Manager, Doreen Bandua (doreen@mad-learn.com)!

Teacher of the Month

This month we salute a partner who has helped guide a new direction in the MAD-learn program, even though we have only been working with him since September last year. Eric Sheppard runs after school programs for at-risk students in the Atlanta area. He was struggling with helping his students of Lydia’s House master some of the more intricate elements of the MAD-learn program and process, so we began brainstorming how MAD-learn could be made more accessible for younger students.

These talks formed the basis of a new, elementary level set of resources that are now available for all teachers. Eric consulted with us on the new, “elementary friendly” approach, and the new version was launched in the spring. It has been met with rave reviews, opening up a world of app creation to even our youngest students. Thanks to partners like Eric, MAD-learn continues to grow through discovery. Thank you for your commitment to making great experiences for all students Eric!

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