MAD-news for May: Teacher Appreciation, All Year Long

Hi Guest,

We believe that Teacher Appreciation shouldn’t just be a one-week celebration, but something that should last all year long! We will continue to show our appreciation to you through our hard work in supporting you and your efforts 24/7, creating resources and curriculum to make your work more efficient and effective, fun events to network with like and unlike minds, public appreciation, and celebration to promote your work, MAD-swag to help you represent, gift cards to splurge on yourself, certifications to boost your professional brand, and more.

We love all our MAD-teachers and admire their efforts, especially in these most challenging times! As the school year winds up (it never winds DOWN, does it?), we hope you enjoy the summer, rest and rejuvenate, and maybe even say hello to us at a summer conference (Cobb in Tech, GaACTE, STEMapalooza, ISTE, CSTA, and NCCEP are on our agenda so far). Thank you for all that you do!

Alefiya Master
Founder & CEO

What’s hAPPening

New Certified MAD-teachers & MAD-experts

The MAD-learn Teacher Certification Class of 2022 has been announced. We are pleased to recognize these partners for their dedication to their students and to MAD-learn!

Together at Last!

Alefiya was finally able to visit India to see part of our team in person this month after several years of being unable to do so. The reunion was long-awaited, much enjoyed, and (mostly) very productive 😉 One of the best parts of the trip was getting to meet MAD-learn’s newest full-time team member in person for the first time and having him be part of an actual office-dwelling group! Anshu (sitting behind Alefiya in the screenshot below), MAD-learn’s QA Engineer, started with the company as an intern 2 years ago. He grew from intern to full-time team member because of his skills, his dedication, and his focus on quality. He shared how the warm welcome from each member of the team made him feel comfortable and at home on his first in-person day on the job.


Mary Mwangi is the CTAE Engineering and Technology and Computer Science teacher and a Robotics coach at Floyd Middle School in Cobb County, GA. Although relatively new to MAD-learn, she has already been impressed with the program. When we asked for her feedback, she shared many thoughts.
“MAD-learn platform is set up in a manner that is so easy for students to flow from Ideation, Design and Content phase. The videos and slide decks provide self-paced tutorials that enable learners to transition from one phase to the next. The platform encourages students to communicate and collaborate as they develop together or as individuals.  The instructor is able to provide comments and guide students throughout the process. In the 3 app development phases, students are engaged in critical thinking and creativity as they design logos, images and add content to their apps. Students import their designs from Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and other sites effortlessly. The best part of the platform is that young learners don’t need skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In MAD-learn the options on how to develop an app are endless and my students and I are enjoying the process.”
And we are enjoying our work with this excellent educator! Thank you for all you do!

Don’t leave without…

… congratulating our Senior Frontend Developer Rani Kumari, who celebrated her wedding day with family and friends just a few weeks ago. As you can see from these photos, it was a spectacular event! We wish the happy couple all the best for many years to come! 
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