MAD-news for June: Free drinks and Po Boys from MAD-learn!

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Will you be in New Orleans June 26-29 for #ISTELive? If so, I would like to formally invite you to join our very first MAD-learn @ ISTE hAPPy Hour! Who can resist free drinks, a Po Boy station with fried shrimp, catfish, and roast beef, and so much more? I hope to see you soon and to enjoy a fun-filled evening, prizes, and more from MAD-learn and our friends at Teq, SMART, Spaces, and Quiver!
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What’s hAPPening

Taking PD To the Next Level

We rarely get the opportunity to spend so much time with teachers, so our recent two-day training session for new DeKalb County (GA) teachers was a real treat! The extra day gave us a chance to do a deep dive into the curriculum (including the Coding 101 and Appreneurship 101 modules) and provided time for some focused discussions and activities related to implementation planning. Many of them talked about how much they enjoyedthe BEST training ever“, even though it was during the first two days of summer vacation! Much of the good spirit was supported by DeKalb’s CTAE Instructional Coordinator, Marilynn E. Hollis, and our Lithonia High School host, Tony Brooks. They made sure everyone was always appreciated, comfortable AND well fed—always important to a successful training experience!

Lakeview Elementary School: Environmentally Friendly

We recently had the opportunity to visit (virtually) with MAD-teacher of the Month, Daisy Martinez, and her impressive class of fourth graders. These students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (FL) have been working on apps to raise awareness about everything from cleaning up beaches to saving the leatherback sea turtle. They were very excited to share their latest work with us (here’s one student), and it was obvious how proud they were of both their app development skills and their ideas for how to make our world a better place. Be sure to read more about Ms. Martinez in the article below. Congratulations to both her and her class of environmentalists!

Summer Interns Start Strong 

We are so excited to welcome new interns to the MAD-family! This group has already been busy, getting acclimated to the MAD-learn program by creating resume apps! Their work, done with no direction beyond the available video tutorials and their own initiative, was quite impressive when they were shared during only their second team meeting. As always, the group will be placed in situations that match both their strengths and interest levels. If these first couple of weeks are any indication, they will be contributing quite a bit and learning a lot more along the way!


Daisy Martinez has been sharing the benefits of MAD-learn with her fourth graders for two years now. Daisy was born and raised in Miami and has worked for the past 7 years at Lakeview Elementary. She believes in facilitating and not just teaching. Her students are encouraged to expand their thinking through a variety of learning activities while using multiple tools.
She was truly inspired by MAD-learn because her students were not only engaged but motivated to research and explore various topics as they were learning how to create apps like the ones they love to use on their cellphones. “MAD- learn is the future and jumping onboard is a decision that will not be regretted,” she said.
Ms. Martinez has enjoyed seeing what her students are able to accomplish. She told us recently, “My students are proud of what they have accomplished so far, and I want them to continue working with MAD-learn in the upcoming school year, even though I will not be here at Lakeview. I will be teaching another fourth-grade class in a school in Broward,” adding …”We are going to try to take this partnership to the new school and obviously I want to count on you.” You can count on it!

Don’t leave without…

…checking in with our Director of Curriculum and Implementation, Gregg Stone. He is looking for your end-of-year thoughts about how the year went. Please share information about the length of time you spent, what went well and what was challenging for you and your students. We will be naming a new group of certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts over the summer, and your input will help you garner such certifications!
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