MAD-news for April: “Committed” to CSforALL

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It is such an honor to get to see and work with teachers and students in-person while also continuing collaborations virtually to connect classrooms in different regions. We got to work with 34 schools in West Virginia this month! A new state for MAD-learn to be working with, but also a new set of partnerships with the phenomenal WV GEAR UP program. We had way too much fun…

We also got to meet hundreds of students at the Cobb County Future Fest designed to help students know about CTAE options and careers. The icing on the cake? Getting to work with a phenomenal set of educators at WSWHE BOCES in NY during the Leadership Summit on Spring into STEM day! Thank you to Laurie Guyon for inviting me to facilitate that workshop!


Alefiya Master
Founder & CEO

What’s hAPPening

DeKalb County Expands MAD-learning!

MAD-learn has seen many partnerships grow since our humble beginnings over 8 ½ years ago. Few have grown more than our relationship with Dekalb County Schools. This large Atlanta area district has seen the benefits of MAD-learn for several of those years, but this year has been the most active yet with over 40 participating schools and teachers. Heather Miller, an original MAD-teacher, took the program with her when she transferred her skills to Chamblee Charter High School. As you can see from these photos below, MAD-learn still has a prominent role!



Another MAD-expert facilitates a project for her Arabia Mountain High School class that culminates in a Shark Tank. Students are expected to both complete their apps and deliver a professional presentation about them, vying to have their products fully published on MAD-store. We are always happy to serve as judges for these events!



“I have had some students take off and push themselves to create awesome apps. This platform has been a great way to diversify our learning experiences. Students were learning about Leadership and had to pick leaders to do their app on.” These are the thoughts from Tamara Willis. While she is relatively new to MAD-learn, she has already empowered her students to do some great work in Clarkston High School! She represents the “new wave” of MAD-teachers that are bringing their students opportunities to learn so much more than the “three R’s”!


MAD-learn is ‘Committed’ to CSforALL

MAD-learn is proud to be a CSforALL “Commitment Maker”! CSforALL commitments are new, specific, and measurable

actions taken by community stakeholders in support of achieving the ultimate goal of computer science for all US students. Commitments can be large or small and don’t always require large investments or funding. They must represent new work or be additive to existing work, such as expanding a program to a new audience or significantly growing the reach of a program.

“Commitments are a way to drive action. They play a key role in bringing together the entire community of CS
stakeholders to amplify the progress made, announce new goals and initiatives to advance the mission, and provide visibility to community efforts both large and small.” MAD-learn is proud to exceed its commitment to training 100 new teachers by 4x! We have trained over 420 teachers on how to integrate an app development experience into the classroom so far this school year, with many more to come.

MAD-learn’s CEO, Alefiya Master, joined a discussion about the program with others from both the public and private sectors earlier this week. We are proud to be part of this great initiative!



MAD-teacher of the Month

Christy Agbaroji is well into her second year of MAD-learn at Cardwell Career Prep High School in Irving, TX. A skilled Instructional Technology teacher, she brings much knowledge about the coding aspects of the expanded program that MAD-learn created especially for the Irving high schools’ CTE programs. When not dedicating herself to her students, she enjoys listening to music and exercising.

Christy has enjoyed working with us and MAD-learn. She recently shared, “I enjoy learning new technology. MAD-learn is an interesting platform for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.” She continues, “The platform helps students to develop coding skills and expand their interests/career.” 


MAD-family Continues to Grow

We want to thank schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:

  • Guardians of Heritage Project
  • Gilford HS (NH)
  • Engineering and Science University Magnet HS (CT)
  • Rockland BOCES (NY)
  • Holy Innocents Episcopal School (GA)


Don’t leave without…

…checking out the Congressional App Challenge’s all-virtual #HouseOfCode. A three-day celebration recognizing the achievements of student winners from 2021’sChallenge, #HouseOfCode is the most prestigious demo day in student STEM — the new national science fair. With Congress at the helm, attendees at #HouseOfCode will have the chance to hear directly from Members, view winning app demonstrations, and connect with other policy and tech leaders from around the country. The general public will be able to attend the following events as part of this year’s commemorative program:

Wednesday, April 20th
#HouseOfCode Kickoff and Keynotes
6:00 pm ET
Friday, April 22nd
Student App Demonstrations
4:30 pm ET and 7:00 pm ET
The App Challenge is committed to holding a celebration befitting the hard work of 2021’s winners, but it would not be complete without you. This is a unique opportunity to inspire and influence America’s next generation of coding talent by displaying our collective commitment to computer science education and STEM-oriented careers.
If you are interested and able to join us, you can register here and support MAD-learn winners from Ohio!
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