Mobile App Development And The Modern World


Mobile app development in recent times has become increasingly relevant in today’s technological world where children are very conversant and comfortable with the use of all kinds of devices. In an era where children are full of curiosity and the openness to explore, why not teach them how to create what they see and use on their mobile phones? It is common knowledge that most children learn a lot quicker through activity based means such as games and sports. Teaching mobile app development at the early stages of a student’s life not only gives the child a great designing experience but increases their creativity and challenges them to think outside the box. The possibilities for enriched, enhanced and better classroom management through mobile app development are endless.

In spite of the ability and skill most teachers possess with regards to organizing, managing and conducting activities, they sometimes burn under the pressure. Getting students involved and occupied with an innovative and forward thinking activity such as mobile app creation helps students showcase what they are capable of not only to their teachers and classmates but also to their families and community as a whole. In so doing, they can empower students who can make a difference in the world in which we live. In the past, most students struggled with managing bulky lecture notes, reading materials and assignment sheets. Today, thanks to google drive, students can manage these better. This goes to show that the world is evolving and we who live in it must evolve with it. Students now have the opportunity to express their passions and spread positivity through the apps they are able to create. Mobile phones have become solution providers for several businesses, healthcare and education sectors. Students as young as kindergarteners can join this movement of change by creating #appsthatmatter. Let’s remember that mobile apps will continually play a significant role in reshaping the future of education.

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