MAD-news for February: Hamza’s Social Justice App

Hi Guest,

While we are a proud geographically disperse team who has embraced working together effectively over 5 cities and 3 countries, nothing can take away from some long awaited “in person” time. Last week brought three of our core team members together for our 5-year MAD-anniversary, school visits, planning meetings, in depth strategizing, and of course laughs, jokes, and much needed mingling. You can follow the fun here.

Our team is what makes every bit of MAD-learn possible and I am reminded, especially after get togethers like last week, how essential is it for us to teach students how to collaborate and work well with others. We are #bettertogether, no matter how much work it takes to get together. Happy February!

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

The last few weeks have been busy for weather forecasters, snow plowers, and the MAD-team! From Boston to West Palm Beach, MAD-learn blanketed the East coast. CEO, Alefiya Master met with educational leaders at the LearnLaunch event in “Beantown.” She attended sessions on STEM, Global Market Trends, Learning Engineering, met some key partners, and even took a moment to slide across the frozen pond in Boston Commons! VP of Sales, Kimberley Bynoe had a variety of opportunities to meet teachers and students at several different events, teaming up with @coolcatteacher Vicki Davis and others to lead students through MAD-bootcamps in Georgia and Long Island. She also presented sessions about MAD-learn with teachers from all over the US at the 2019 FETC Conference in Orlando. Director of Curriculum and Implementation, Gregg Stone worked with a fabulous group of teachers during a training session at The Lovett School. He even snuck in visits to see some of our favorite teachers at Upson Lee Elementary and Amana Academy. Gregg also spent a full day with teachers in Palm Beach County for MAD-learn training, noting how nice it was to work with the teachers AND get a break from the Pittsburgh winter!

Welcome to the MAD-family!

We want to thank all of the schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:

  • New Prairie United School Corporation (Indiana)
  • Polo Park Middle School (Florida)
  • St Ignatius College Riverview (Australia)

We look forward to working with all of our schools throughout the coming new year!

MAD-teachers of the Month

Once in a great while, you come across a teacher who just “gets” it. Someone who can be handed a curriculum, complete with a new tool, and run with it. February’s MAD-teacher of the Month are TWO such teachers; meet Bruce Dunaway and Jaime Joiner! This teacher and IT Director at Upson Lee Elementary needed only one short training session before successfully implementing MAD-learn with 300+ students at their school. Jaime keeps a watchful eye but appreciates how well Bruce has developed the program at the school. The students are happily building apps in sessions that Bruce is ably leading, and he is enjoying the experience tremendously.

Bruce is a MAD-teacher and part-time videographer who is quite comfortable with using various technologies with his students. He also established a sophisticated TV news set that students use to create regular updates to share with the district. Both of these educators are fun to be around, and their enthusiasm for both MAD-learn and teaching is infectious. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Hamza Osman and his Social Justice App

MBK Buffalo Scholar Hamza Osman (and Xaviuz Ortiz, and Samuel Fuentez, and many more) are working on building a social justice app with MAD-learn. Hear from him directly here. We’re so proud of the work these scholars are doing as a part of the My Brother’s Keeper program led by Jay Hall in Buffalo NY.

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