MAD-news for January: A MAD-learn Tribute, to You!

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Our first newsletter of the year took a few extra days of tender love and care. We wanted to make sure we could share an overview of last year with you in the most meaningful way. Our perfect 2020 vision… changed completely, as did all of yours. But we stayed strong together. We have YOU to thank for that. Here’s a little tribute, to you:

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

What’s hAPPening


To celebrate MAD-learn’s 7th Birthday, and to show our appreciation to those who have helped make it possible, we are announcing a chance for you to score t-shirts and Amazon gift cards. Enter to win here!

Our January $25 Amazon Gift Card winners are: 

Amy Statler and Traci Zamor

Our January MAD-learn t-shirt winners are: 

Jen Bailey, Becky Bishop, Ryan North, and Linda Edwards

Featured Tutorial

This month’s featured tutorial, Creating and Using GIFs, is available in both video and slide deck versions. It is about creating and using GIFs on HTML and HCJ Builder screens. No matter how you pronounce it, a GIF (graphics interchange format image) can bring detail and life to content.
For example, if you were building an app for a virtual museum tour, you could create GIFs to give 360 degree views of 3-dimensional objects like sculptures. An end user can see more of an image to better understand what it actually looks like. GIF figures also add an element of engagement to screens (just don’t OVERUSE them!). Be sure to check out the “Creating and Using GIFs” tutorial and share it with your students!


MAD-teacher of the Month

While all of our MAD-teachers can be credited with having skill, unbridled commitment to their students and infectious enthusiasm, we salute one in particular. Hannah Oldham could be the “poster child” for this combination of qualities, and her impact has been impressive over just a few months of MAD-learning.

Hannah is a mathematics teacher and STEM Scholar Academy Coordinator at Sprayberry High School in the Cobb County (GA) School District.
She is a scholar with a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.

As the STEM Scholar Academy coordinator, she created an individualized four-year curriculum for scholar academy students with three distinct STEM pathways.

She is in charge of organizing field placements in STEM areas in the community, coordinating field trips to learn about STEM careers, facilitating independent STEM research projects, creating and teaching classes about college research, and guiding students through a rigorous and rich four-year plan to prepare them for pursuing STEM careers at competitive colleges and universities.
Hannah approaches all of the projects she undertakes with zeal and good humor. Her students enjoy not only the lessons she shares. Even in these “disconnected” times, she helps them share a sense of community. We have seen her students in action and have been impressed with both their sophisticated approach to the program and the manner in which they conduct themselves. Both of these have obviously been modeled and nurtured by their teacher.
These are trying times for teachers and students alike, but leaders like Dr. Oldham are making it a lot more bearable…even fun. Congratulations, Hannah, and keep up the great work!

MAD-family Continues to Grow

We want to thank schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:

  • Park Century School (CA)
  • Roosevelt Middle School (FL) 
  • Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (GA)
  • Marietta Sixth Grade Academy (GA)
  • Palm Beach County School District (FL)
  • Harding Township School (NJ)
  • The Epstein School (GA)
  •  Flat Rock Middle School (GA)
  • Christopher House (IL)

Don’t leave without…

… sharing this opportunity with your friends and registering to attend our Build Your Own App (BYOA) Happy Hour networking opportunity, next Wednesday, January 27 at 5pm Eastern. To register, click here.

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