MAD-learn Named Winner of the Inaugural 2021 Supes’ Choice Award for Best STEM/STEAM INSTRUCTIONAL SOLUTION

Winners were selected by a panel of district superintendent judges for this ground-breaking, new education industry award.

MAD-learn was named winner of the inaugural 2021 Supes’ Choice Awards in the STEM/STEAM Instructional Solution category by the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), an organization that serves as the bridge between district leaders and organizations to support the greatest challenges in K-12 education.



What an AWESOME way to end 2021! MAD-learn was selected by a panel of esteemed superintendent judges from across the nation and was assessed based on MAD-learn’s commitment to student outcomes, innovation and ingenuity, client support, interactivity and engagement. The Supes’ Choice Awards are the only industry awards judged exclusively by school district superintendents.



We are honored to be recognized by the Supes’ Choice Awards as the inaugural winner in STEM/STEAM Instructional Solution for our commitment to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s careers through mobile app development. This recognition by district leaders serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication, focus, and ingenuity in supporting the students and teachers we serve.



“There’s so much work that needs to be done in education and when we come together, great magical things can happen. MAD-learn at its core is teaching students how to build apps, but the fact that we’ve been honored with this award tonight in the STEM/STEAM category is really a testament to the fact that STEM is not just playing with a robot or writing a line of code to check a box, it is really integrating these experiences into our core curricula and ensuring that students are getting exposure to a lot of different kinds of STEM and STEAM opportunities and activities so that they can figure out what they want, what they like, what they’re good at, and hopefully what they want to do moving forward.” said Alefiya Master, founder and CEO, MAD-learn in her acceptance speech. The Supes’ Choice Awards provide a very unique opportunity for companies to not only get their products and solutions in front of district decisionmakers, but to also pursue recognition for their work with a prestigious, new industry award and we couldn’t be more delighted.



Recipients of the Supes’ Choice Award were recognized at a hybrid gala held on December 9, 2021, where the judges gathered in New York City and the event was live-streamed for all award applicants. Along with the designation of being the winner, companies were provided with written and verbal feedback during the judging process. Gathering insight from district leaders has been a unique and valuable experience with Supes’ Choice.



The full list of winners and finalists can be found here www.supeschoice.com.

CONGRATULATIONS to all finalists and winners!