2021 CSEdWeek recap with MAD-learn

The 2021 CSEdWeek, organized by the Computer Science Teachers Association and celebrated by teachers across the United States was definitely one of MAD-learn’s greatest highlights of 2021. We are thrilled to take a trip down memory lane of MAD-learn’s CSEdWeek activities with you!



Our team learned so much from attending events organized by organizations such as CSforALL and CSTA who are as passionate about and committed to computer science as we are. Hearing from and networking with amazingly passionate educators was definitely eye-opening.

Throughout #CSEdWeek, our team visited classrooms across the United States virtually  to build apps with students, hear their app pitches, share our entrepreneurial journey, and so much more. It was so inspiring and such a joy interacting with all these amazing teachers and their brilliant students.

The climax of CSEdweek for us was our awesome virtual networking “APPy Hour” for educators across the United States. A safe space to learn some new classroom ideas and win some cool prizes. It was fulfilling to know that they learned how to get their students career-ready during this event. Hearing their stories, their reasons for working with students, and also for joining our event left us with so much inspiration!



MAD-learn is proud to be a corporate partner of The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and fully supports their mission of empowering, engaging and advocating for K-12 CS teachers worldwide. We can’t wait for CSEdweek 2022 and all the exciting events we’ll be participating in as well as organizing. Cheers to a MAD-mazing 2022!