MAD-learn is committed to computer science for all students, everywhere!

Over the years, MAD-learn has continued to renew its partnership with the national CSforALL movement to advance Computer Science education across the U.S. and beyond. We have collaborated with CSforALL on various projects such as our recent Unveiling of the new MAD-learn. We are most proud of having made and met all of our CSforALL commitments this year!

In our hope and effort to be better stewards of high-quality student experiences, MAD-learn is helping to provide equitable computer science access and opportunities to students around the globe with the aim of promoting student social entrepreneurship, especially for girls and students of color. Through our student app camps, we have tremendously helped students who need STEM engagement and exposure to creating technology. We are excited to share that teachers in the United States and beyond are now using MAD-learn to help engage students with meaningful STEM experiences.

In 2022, MAD-learn once again made commitments with CSforAll; all of which have been met and exceeded. Below are the commitments and our progress so far:

Increase equitable access and outcomes

  • MAD-learn makes a commitment to provide $10,000 in grants to support 5 teachers anywhere in the US with CS and STEM integration in their classrooms by Spring 2023.

  • MAD-learn will release a new product that is the first-ever technology-integrated six-step design thinking process into their app development tool, serving 50 schools nationwide by summer 2023.

  • MAD-learn commits to providing a virtual internship opportunity to 25 students nationwide by the Summer of 2023 to help these students experience what it is like to work with a global EdTech company.

Build capacity

  • MAD-learn makes a commitment to provide professional development and teacher certification to help 200 teachers bring app development into any classroom nationwide by Summer 2023. 

We are proud to say that this commitment has not only been achieved but exceeded 3x. We have trained over 600 teachers this year! 

Raise Awareness

  • MAD-learn commits to hosting 3 virtual APPstravaganzas to highlight student and teacher work in CS across the nation with a goal of introducing 500 teachers to new ideas by Summer 2023.

We are delighted to share that this commitment has been met and exceeded with several local events held for several districts. MAD-learn is honored to be championing the cause of CSforAll. 



We’re looking forward to finalizing our 2023 commitments soon. Be on the lookout for them!