A Peek Behind the Curtain: Unveiling an All-New MAD-learn

An all-new, revamped MAD-learn is here!  We officially unveiled our new platform – which incorporates all six steps of the design thinking process – on March 23, 2023, along with some of our global partners including Teq, National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP), and CSforAll. Our celebration featured educators from across the country and showcased our uniquely crafted program with design thinking at its core, as well as the relationships and partnerships we have developed and nurtured over the years.

As we transition all accounts to our new platform this summer, please be advised that teachers, students, and stakeholders will no longer be able to build and create apps on our legacy platform starting July 1, 2023.  Any apps previously created on our legacy platform will still be accessible to view (with the app URL or 9-digit code).  If you would like training on our new platform, please click here to schedule a virtual meeting with our Customer Success Team. 

During the first segment, MAD-learn’s Founder and CEO, Alefiya Master, shared all of the work the team has been doing over the last few years to create the new MAD-learn.  She also discussed how much we have learned as our company has grown to ensure we are aligned with the current goals in education and tech to bring teachers and students the best product possible.  “This new MAD-learn has come about as a result of amazing relationships with hundreds of teachers, district admins, and students that we get to work with every day,” she said. The full video of this session is available here

Dana Beck, The National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) Director of Practice, shared how their partnership with MAD-learn on the STEM Toolkit has impacted hundreds of students across the country.  MAD-learn partnered with NCCEP on their Discovery Lab, a group of GEAR UP professionals and some external partners that embarked on the design-thinking process to support students. If you missed this session, here is the full version.

As a proud CSforAll partner, MAD-learn was honored to have a representative from the organization- CSforALL’s Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Sriranjini Kozhissery, speak at the official unveiling event. Sri shared important information about CSforALL’s impact in computer science education across the United States, how to become a CSforAll member as well as CSforAll commitments made by several organizations including MAD-learn. Watch this video to learn more.

Our phenomenal partners at Teq who were also guest speakers and shared information about their partnership with MAD-learn, the newest OTIS courses, and App Development iBlocks that have been launched/are under development.  If you are an educator who is interested in getting involved in project-based learning, this video is for you!

We would like to appreciate all our MAD-cheerleaders and MAD-believers who have been with us on this journey and continue to support and inspire us every day. We could not have made it this far without every single one of you. The future is bright! #BetterTogether