Teacher Certification Program

As we acknowledge the vital role our teachers play in the lives of students, we want to promote a growth-centered environment, help track progress, and keep us all inspired to experiment with new ideas and expose our students to a wide range of possibilities.

With this end in mind, we are so excited to have launched our Teacher Certification Program for Certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts. This initiative has so far recognized 60 teachers who have demonstrated proficiency and excellence in delivering the program to their students, and those who have taken MAD-learn to new levels. 

We are extremely proud of all our MAD-certification recipients especially because they are held to such high standards. Based on observations of student output and analytics data provided by the app building tool, teachers must demonstrate mastery in the following:

  1. Instructional Planning and Delivery 
  2. Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 
  3. Content Knowledge and Expertise 
  4. Learning Environment 
  5. Data-Driven Practice 
  6. Professional Practices and Responsibilities 
  7. Appreciation for ISTE Student Standards

In order to be awarded the MAD-teacher certification, a teacher should have completed a minimum of 10 hours of class implementation, summative discussion, and analysis.

After the implementation phase, if a teacher becomes involved with MAD-learn as a partner, serves as an ambassador and mentor for MAD-learn’s Mobile App Development program helping move the program forward, they are awarded an additional MAD-expert certification. 

Upon the conclusion of the implementation phase, a MAD-teacher will: 

  1. Understand the Mobile App Development process more fully, within the context of the student experience 
  2. Have facilitated students’ efforts to build fully functional and professional grade apps that can be viewed on Android and Apple devices 
  3. Adapt the project for use in a variety of ways, such as a stand-alone class, as core curricular integration, as part of a broader STEM/STEAM curriculum, or as an extracurricular program (ie: elective, club, after school or camp offering).

To date, 14 MAD-experts and 46 MAD-teachers have been recognized and awarded with their certificates and badges. We expect another group of MAD-teachers to be named MAD-experts this spring while also recognizing a new group of MAD-teachers.

CONGRATULATIONS to our first class of certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts! If you think you qualify for your MAD-teacher or MAD-expert certification and badge, but have not received yours yet, please contact success@mad-learn.com