Students Speak! Here’s what they have to say about their MAD-learn experience.

It is a usual occurrence for the MAD-learn team to receive feedback from amazing teachers who are either currently using the product or have used it in the past. Thanks to these superstar MAD-teachers, our product keeps getting better. It was, however, such a breath of fresh air for me to have received multiple messages from students of the District School Board of Niagara, Canada after several weeks of conducting App Development workshops at their school board. They had the sweetest things to say!

I must commend these brilliant students for being eager and open to learning mobile app development. They were very attentive and did not hesitate to ask questions when they faced difficulties. At the end of our workshop, I was blown away by the amazing apps they created. They are also blessed with an amazing teacher Nikole Amato whose dedication and hard work reflects through her students. 


These young ones are proof that when students are given the right tools and environment, great things will happen. As an educator and in my current capacity as Director of  Curriculum and Implementation at MAD-learn, messages such as these are so rewarding and motivating. I am excited about the future of these students and looking forward to seeing more amazing apps as they come up with new problem-solving ideas and also work on improving their already existing apps! #Bettertogether.


Can your students also become creators of technology? APP-so-lutely! Building apps with MAD-learn is fun and FUN IS GOOD! Be inspired!


~Gregg Stone 

Director of Curriculum and Implementation, MAD-learn.



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