New MAD-store Mobile App

MAD-learn is constantly looking for more ways to meet client needs. This is why we’re very excited to share the new MAD-store mobile app with you. The MAD-store app has a new look and a bunch of new capabilities, so make sure you DOWNLOAD IT NOW! 

MAD-store is our version of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store that allows students and teachers to preview and showcase apps they create using MAD-learn – an app development platform used to help students experience and learn about the Design Thinking Process. MAD-store allows students and teachers to present their innovative and unique thought processes to the world and acquire recognition and feedback from friends, family and colleagues.

The new MAD-store app can now be found on iTunes and Google Play Stores! You will be able to find a wide variety of apps that have been published to the MAD-store more quickly and easily. Other new features include bookmarks, app ratings, and easy ways to share your apps.

Thousands of apps have been built with MAD-learn and some of the best ones have been published on the MAD-store. If you haven’t already, click here to download our brand new MAD-store app to see amazing student apps! Publishing these student-created apps on the MAD-store makes them viewable to a wider, global audience.

We look forward to the feedback you and your students might have, so please feel free to share your thoughts via success@mad-learn.com about our new and improved MAD-store mobile app!