MAD-proud to be a 2023  CSforALL  Commitment Maker

MAD-learn is proud to be part of the National Computer Science Education Community’s announcement of 434 Commitments from 119 Organizations and 288 Elementary Schools to strengthen Computer Science Education through equity nationwide.

CSforALL is the national hub of the computer science for all movement with a mission to make high-quality computer science an integral part of K-12 education in the United States. They connect providers, schools and districts, funders, and researchers working toward the goal of providing quality CS education to every child in the United States, and engage with diverse stakeholders leading computer science initiatives across the nation to support and facilitate the implementation of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science.

Over the years,  MAD-learn has continued to renew its partnership with the national CSforALL movement to advance equitable and sustainable K-12 computer science education. The national announcement at the 2023 Summit CSforALL, includes 434 commitments from 119 organizations and 288 schools made by our K-12 CSEd member community, consisting of nonprofits; universities and colleges; corporate partners, and more. Once again, MAD-learn’s 2023 commitments are specific and measurable actions that align with CSforAll’s primary goal.

Increase Equitable Access and Outcomes

MAD-learn commits to provide $10,000 in grants to support five teachers from the states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, New York, and Texas with CS and STEM integration in their classrooms, potentially serving up to 500 students by Spring 2024.

MAD-learn commits to providing a virtual internship opportunity to 25 students nationwide to help these students experience what it is like to work with a global EdTech company by the Summer of 2024.

Raise Awareness

MAD-learn commits to having their CEO deliver inspirational keynotes in 10 different schools throughout Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, and Texas to encourage at least 1000 students to get excited about and involved in Computer Science by Summer 2024.

Build Capacity

MAD-learn commits to providing professional development for 300 teachers to promote Design Thinking and how it is a future-ready and career-focused skill helping to support CS to impact 3000 students throughout the states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, New York, and Maryland by Summer 2024.

We look forward to sharing our success story of meeting and exceeding our 2023 CSforAll commitments!