MAD-news for October: No Phone? No Problem!

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Happy Fall! Changing temperatures, changing leaves, changing times. It’s my favorite season for so many reasons, not just because it happens to by my birthday month 😉 For me, the changing season is always a reminder of the reality that while nothing is constant and the people, experiences, work, and life that we live always mould and change with time, if you wait long enough, everything comes full circle.

Stay tuned and enjoy this month’s edition of MAD-news…

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

No Phone? No Problem!

Until now, it was hard to appreciate the full power of an app made with the online app builder without previewing it on a mobile device running the MAD-store mobile app. Starting later this week, students will be able to get a better, more complete look at the screens they are building, without having to leave the comfort of their webpage.

Thanks to the latest efforts of our outstanding product team to improve the app building experience, you will now be able to see more fully functioning versions of your app when you open the brand new In-App Preview. Imported web pages, interactive photo and video galleries, maps, HCJ screens and more will operate on your browser screen just like they do on a phone or tablet.
We expect this to be a welcomed addition, especially when wi-fi connectivity or anti-device policies in schools limit the experience for students. It’s yet another example of MAD-learn’s commitment to making improvements based on teacher and student feedback!

Reflections from Gregg at 36,000 Feet

As I sit in 23F, a window seat on Delta flight 725 home from Palm Beach, I find myself again thinking about my years at MAD-learn. Today’s PD session for 12 teachers in the Florida school district I just left was long, exhausting, and totally enjoyable. Days like these make me especially proud of the work we do, as well as of the work these teachers’ students will produce.
Teachers always seem to appreciate the direct attention that they receive, whether it be through these sessions or any of a number of other points of access they have with the Customer Success team. The level of contact teachers can have with the team is limitless, and it goes a long way in ensuring their success. I encourage all of our teachers to keep in touch because we’re all #bettertogether.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit to another Florida district with 55+ teachers to train next month. And it’s not just because it’s a nice break from Pittsburgh winters 😉

MAD-teacher of the Month

Michael Samarel from Wellington Landings Middle School hasn’t even used MAD-learn in his class, yet. Even so, he’s already making an impact among his colleagues. 

He has watched the program go through its pilot phase and explored the possibilities of using it, even though the timing wasn’t right for him, when it was available last spring. He learned how the program could be used most effectively. 

He surveyed students for their feedback about it to inform how it could be even more successful this year. He even shared ideas about a variety of issues raised in a recent PD session…including things the Customer Success team hadn’t even considered. He looks forward to seeing the program grow and is quite committed to helping his peers have a successful “year two” at his school. We have every confidence it will be just that.

List of MAD-schools Continues to Grow

We want to thank all of the schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:
  • Lake Local Schools (OH)
  • Pinellas County Schools (FL)
  • Hawthorn Middle School South (IL)
  • District School Board of Niagara (Ontario, Canada)
  • Janney Elementary School (DC)
  • Upson Lee Elementary School (GA)

… remembering to have some fun with your babies, fur babies, friends or family this Halloween! Here’s some inspiration for you:
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