MAD-news for October: How this student found her shine

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I have to share how proud I am of this 10th-grade student in Duval County, FL. When she first came to a virtual summer app camp hosted by her district’s GEAR UP program in collaboration with our team last year, we never saw her, heard her voice, or knew anything about her. As she progressed through the summer camp, the after-school STEM club during the school year, and finally an internship with us over this past summer, she has shined and blossomed in phenomenal ways. She is now on video all the time, speaks up to share her ideas, is confident in sharing the work that she has done, and takes feedback in a beautifully healthy way. So much so that she has even been invited to be a panel speaker for ISTE 2022 (pending approval, of course;-) Say hi to Saylonna!

Alefiya Master
Founder & CEO

What’s hAPPening

Emory’s 40 Under Forty Honorees

Congratulations go out to our superstar “appreneur”, Alefiya Master, a member of Emory University’s 2021 class of distinguished alumni under the age of 40! The 40 Under Forty Class of 2021 winners were selected from hundreds of nominees, representing the very best in achievement and service across the diverse and influential Emory alumni community. The Emory Alumni Association’s 40 Under Forty awards program spotlights selected alumni across a variety of vocations for having made a significant impact in business, research, leadership, public service and/or philanthropic endeavors.
Emory graduates are some of the most impactful young leaders who are forging partnerships, solving problems, and creating stronger communities both in their professional and personal lives. Each year, Emory culls through hundreds of applications to recognize those outstanding young alumni who represent the very best in achievement and service.


MAD-teacher of the Month

Long overdue is our recognition of Oceanside (NY) math teacher Kimberly Epps. This MAD-teacher of the Month has been a true partner and visionary educator who has had great success in bringing the program into the core curriculum.  In a May 2021 blog, Kimberly talked at length about the value of MAD-learn. “As a mathematics teacher with several years of teaching experience, I have always made it my goal to explore the use of various tools that make learning fun for my students. One such educational tool is MAD-learn… In order for MAD- learn to impact my teaching, it had to first impact me and it did.  This program has all of the characteristics to help develop the character of a student.  An app creator must be analytical, organized, create, communicate effectively, able to work in a team, and persevering.  The biggest issue for students is developing creativity skills and patience planning their projects.  They learn how and why planning is so important and learn to appreciate the process.”

You can read more about Kimberly and her thoughts about MAD-learn by reading her blog post. She defines what true partnership means, and we appreciate her efforts!

October’s Featured Tutorial

The enhanced Maps template is quite powerful, putting a good deal of control in the hands off the end user. While it offers many interesting elements, it does not handle multiple points of interest on a single screen.

One enterprising MAD-teacher created a great alternative for this issue using Google’s MyMaps option and then importing the results via a Link to Web URL template (at right). She even went so far as to create a great tutorial for the process.

The tutorial is available in the Curriculum section on your dashboard, or by clicking here.  Check it out!

MAD-learn family Continues to Grow

We want to thank schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:

  • Jones County (NC)
  • CodeWhiz (UK)
  • Ron Clark Academy (GA)
  • STEM Cobb (GA)
  • Okeheelee Middle (FL)
  • LC Swain Middle (FL)
  • Tyrone Middle (FL)
  • Irving ISD (TX)
  • Hawthorn Middle South (IL)
  • Janney Elementary (DC)

Don’t leave without…

… joining us next week for the CSforALL Annual Summit where we will be announcing our computer science commitments for this year and speaking on a panel addressing equity and access to CS Education in Rural Communities. Register here.

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