MAD-news for October: Grab your copy- Always Stop at a Lemonade Stand

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We are honored to have an entire chapter in Dr. Matthew X. Joseph’s latest book Always Stop at a Lemonade Stand: Empowering Student Independence dedicated to all things MAD-learn and our entrepreneurial journey!  This book, from X-Factor EDU, empowers student independence and entrepreneurial skills through a series of examples from notable educators and organizations. In our chapter, we got to share our MAD-learn journey and how we foster student APPreneurs.  Get your copy today!

– Alefiya Master

Middle and high school students have until Nov. 1, 2023 to enter apps in this national contest that started as a way to encourage students to learn code and inspire them to pursue careers in computer science.  Learn more about this exciting and prestigious  competition and guidelines here.

Tis the season for pumpkin spice and lots of travel!  The MAD-learn team is busy this month visiting teachers and schools – and attending conferences to spread the MAD-love!  We visited teachers in Avonworth School District in Pennsylvania earlier this month to teach them how to use MAD-learn with their students, and then it was off to NYC to work with teachers from 22 different schools on a phenomenal civic action project initiative (learn more about it in our November issue of APPetizers).  While there, we got to visit with one of our phenomenal Millenium Art Academy teachers, Jacqueline Johnson, who you may recognize from our Teacher Takeover event last month.  Later this month, we’ll be in Athens for the GA STEM/STEAM Forum and we’re a proud sponsor of CIMC Fall Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are also heading back to New York for the LITES conference.  We hope to see some of our amazing MAD-ambassadors at these events and meet many more who will become future MAD-teachers!

We could all use a little light and happiness in our lives. There is much to be hopeful for despite the ongoing struggle for global peace and safety. Our trusted “Don’t Worry, Be APPy” sticker traveled to Germany and Turkey to spread some cheer. Pictured below: Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany.

This month, we’re spotlighting not one, but two incredible Cobb County teachers at Dodgen Middle School: Christine Eintertson and Kaylee Moody.  They both teach ELA Literacy Applications and wanted to integrate mobile app development with their middle schoolers – which goes to show you really can use MAD-learn in any curriculum and content.  They are even presenting how to incorporate technology in your ELA (or any core content) classroom at the upcoming GaETC conference Nov. 1-3 in Atlanta with the apropos theme “innovate to educate” – and we know these two phenomenal educators are already killing it in that department with their creative and open-minded approach to taking literacy to the next level.

Caption: Kaylee (left) receiving a teacher of the month award for her creativity and connection with her students! Christine (right) preparing to go “deep sea diving” in her writing class. 

…hearing the ES to HS story of Heather Miller at Chamblee High School in DeKalb County School District!