MAD-news for February: How to be a Teacherpreneur

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Want to come cook with us? This month we made a southern classic: Mac & Cheese! Four countries, five cities, and a variety of availability of ingredients led to this magical display and culinary delight for the whole team. We really do love our MAD-cook parties! You should do one soon. And if you want to hear about what these four CEOs have to say about EdTech innovations and impact on students, you can check out this article from District Administration (completely unrelated to cook parties, of course 😉


Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO

Over the past 9 years, MAD-learn’s team of veteran educators has been working with educators in various school districts either in-person or virtually or both to ensure that they not only become MAD-masters but also have a phenomenal plan in place for student success year over year.One such series of professional development sessions was in Eastern Pennsylvania, where our Director of Curriculum and Implementation, Gregg Stone, recently spent an eventful week visiting schools and working with both educators and students. In his own words: “I learned that ALL students can become “appreneurs” and snow days are called much more quickly than here in Pittsburgh!“ He continued, “In all, it was a very productive week. The Allentown GEAR UP hosts were quite helpful.”  We are looking forward to more exciting school visits. For a complete report, visit the blog article.

We got to visit Dallas and Denton, TX last week for the TX CSTA Chapters Conference! Our session “Don’t Worry, Be APPy” (focussing on how CS experiences help build SEL) was amazing! This fabulous group was engaged, active, and left the room making new friends and taking back new ideas with them. Special thanks to Dan Blier, Jason Bohrer, Javier Aguilar, and the whole TX CSTA team for bringing this event, alongside an amazing Digital Divas girls coding competition, at the University of North Texas in Denton. 

Chandra Porter could also be called our MAD-partner of the Month!A recent GETEA conference co-presenter and skilled educator, she appreciates the value of the Program. “MAD-learn is an awesome program that is user-friendly and exciting to use. Students get the opportunity to design and create mobile apps on any topic of their choice. This program brings their ideas to fruition by building a mobile app that can be viewed in real-time on their devices.” She adds, “ I love to use it in my engineering classes because it mirrors the engineering design process. It’s a great program to use especially with middle school students.”Ms. Porter is a veteran teacher with 23 years of experience in the Dekalb County School District. She teaches Engineering & Technology Education at Champion Theme Middle School. She is the advisor of the Technology Student Association (TSA). She has been an advisor for TSA since 2003 and has also served on the TSA Board of Directors. Each year, she serves as an Event Coordinator for the TSA State Leadership Conference. Chandra has also served as the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Team Coach, Girls Who Code advisor, and TSA TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science) Coach at Champion Theme Middle School.Chandra is a life-long learner and believes that she must continue to learn so that she can teach her students new concepts as technology continues to evolve and change. She is determined to make sure that her students are technologically literate and prepared to compete in this global society. We are proud to help her with these goals!

… watching the latest episode of the UnDisrupted Podcast with Adam and Carl, featuring Alefiya as a guest speaker, titled “How to be a Teacherpreneur”. Recording live from FETC in New Orleans, LA! 

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