MAD-news for August: We’ve got Class(es) at MAD-learn

Hi Guest,

Back to School PDs and events are in full swing! Half of us are already back in school with our students, and the other half of us are gearing up for that in the next few weeks. We have LOVED getting to see you and working with you in person to help you plan for the new school year. Check out some of these highlights:

…. all in the last month! We love this time of year. We love building the energy and the excitement to start a new chapter and a new amazing year for our students. If you can’t feel it from the pictures and videos above, give me a call and we’ll share some with you! Have an AMAZING start to this school year. You are exactly what your students need. We’re here to help you make more magic with them. 

– Alefiya Master

Teachers, you asked and we listened.

Our latest release allows teachers to organize students and their apps by class folders.  If you teach multiple classes, this feature is for you (or even if you teach one class and want to drill down on specific needs/learning groups).  Now, you can organize your students and their work which will make grading, providing feedback and keeping track of student progress even more simple.  Check out more on this feature – being released on Friday, August 18 – below:

Once your student accounts are created, you can select which students to add to a class folder.  The best part?  You can also search for students by first or last name to make the process even quicker and more efficient.

Are you working with a co-teacher?  Or, planning an interdisciplinary project with another teacher?  No problem.  You can invite other teachers to your class as well.  Those teachers will also be able to see your student folders and access students apps by class.

See all your classes and pertinent information about them  in one, easy-to-view page.

The class details page offers even more insight into your students’ work and progression. On this page, you can see how many templates and screens your students have used in their apps and their self-assessed app quality score.  This page makes grading and progress tracking a breeze.

This summer, Saundra Watts (an educator in Cobb County Schools) had the privilege of participating in her first educator externship, a transformative experience that has reshaped her approach to teaching. “I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the stark contrast between traditional classroom practices and the dynamic, autonomous nature of the workforce,” says Saundra. Check out the article below featuring her students who interned with MAD-learn this summer! 

Increase Equitable Access and Outcomes

MAD-learn provided grants to teachers across the globe in an effort to bring computer science to more students and virtual interns from around the country. We also launched a new platform this year that incorporates all six steps of the design thinking process, which helps build students’ critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration and promotes a growth mindset.

Building Capacity

We provided professional development for more than 600 teachers across the country, exceeding our commitment.

Raising Awareness In 2022

We hosted a multitude of teacher-led events to bring CS awareness to non-CS teachers as well as highlight the work of our teachers and students in the field.

To learn more about our commitments, click here.

For many of you, school is back in full swing (or it’s nearing) and with those first few weeks comes a lot of stress. If you need a reason to smile, the MAD-learn team is here to help. Every now and then, our team comes together to celebrate our diversity, culture and connections from afar with a MAD-learn Cook Party. It’s hard not to break into a grin when you are attempting to follow a recipe on Zoom – across multiple time zones – while in your kitchen cooking away. Recently, our team crafted stovetop pizzas of every variety – from flatbread versions to artisanal masterpieces topped with artichokes and crabmeat/goat cheese. Check out our pizza party below! Want to see some of our other multicultural cook party recipes? Click here to view our very own MAD-learn cookbook (created and designed by intern Syeda Tanzim)

We want to thank schools that have either renewed their partnerships with MAD-learn or are just joining our MAD-family. We are so happy to know we will be continuing our work to help students at:

  • Comsewogue School District
  • Allentown GEAR UP
  • North Merrick UFSD
  • Oceanside HS
  • Gilmer County 
  • Syracuse City GEAR UP
  • Cobb County
  • Long Beach MS 

Helping us welcome the newest addition to our MAD-learn family! Our Product Manager, Ashutosh Shukla, and his wonderful wife Dimple Shukla, just welcomed their adorable baby, Shivanshi, into the world. We are so glad to have a new girl in the family (who also happens to be perfectly color coordinated to celebrate India’s Independence Day 😉