MAD-learn’s 8th birthday! Reminiscing our favorite moments.

“​​Like a team in the championship game, our family will rally together in triumph.” ~Anonymous

MAD-learn is 8 years old! Hurray! We are so thankful for the strides we have made, the support we have received, and the challenges we have overcome. What an honor it is, especially in the world of edtech to have not simply stayed in business, but also grown and learned so much these past 8 years. It is an honor we can never take for granted. It is said that if the head has a problem, the rest of the body will not function properly. That being said, we are fortunate to have been blessed with a forward-thinking and resilient leader who is supported by an amazing global team, each of whom has played a pivotal role in the success of this company all these years. 

In celebration of our 8th Anniversary, we met together as the family that we are, to reminisce and share our favorite memories since each team member joined MAD-learn. Here are some of the highlights:



Lokendra Tomer, our Senior Software Engineer who resides in India, has fond memories of the team’s trip to Kashid, India, and how fun it was traveling together, walking on the beach, playing games, and also setting apart some time for product planning. He looks forward to many more of such beautiful team trips and experiences. 

He also shared the hilarious fighting for the window seat some years prior when the India team moved into a new office space. The struggle was real, but alas only one person could have that precious window seat and that person wasn’t him. Haha. 

Doreen Frempong-Baah, MAD-learn’s Project Manager and Marketing Coordinator a.k.a Social Media Queen, who currently resides in Accra, Ghana, recounted her interview with MAD-learn and the overwhelming joy she felt when she was offered a position in a company she admired so much for what they stood for. 

Doreen’s second fondest memory was about a time in her life when she had to move back permanently to Ghana to start a family of her own and also be present for her widowed father. Although she thought she would lose her job at MAD-learn, she was invited to continue working remotely with the company from Ghana. The joy and gratitude she felt will forever be in her heart.

Ashutosh Shukla is the UI/UX and Product Manager at MAD-learn and lives in India. It was refreshing to hear him share the story of how MAD-learn became independent of another organization and how great it felt for the team to have a streamlined focus and the pride of being able to thrive on our own.

He also shared a compelling story of being rejected from the first several rounds of interviews with MAD-learn, fighting for the job by reaching out to the team consistently to know why he was not offered the position after what he believed was a successful series of interviews. Through his determination, he was eventually offered the position in the company which brought him so much joy and fulfillment. 

Anshu Kumar Singh, MAD-learn’s QA Engineer in India happens to be a former intern at MAD-learn. He shared how the warm welcome from each member of the team made him feel comfortable and at home on his first day on the job.

Anshu also has very fond memories of MAD-learn’s famous virtual cook parties and loves how we cook together virtually from our kitchens around the world, eat together and have fun together.



Rani Kumari is the Senior Frontend Developer at MAD-learn and lives in India. It was lovely to hear her share her first interview with the company and the thrill of finding out that the CEO of the company is a millennial AND a woman for that matter (not something that is typically seen in India)!  

She also loved being welcomed to the MAD-family and her first global team meeting by another team member, Gregg Stone by playing his guitar and singing a few songs, especially for her.

Gregg Stone lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and is MAD-learn’s Director of Curriculum and Implementation. Gregg is the longest-serving member of the MAD-learn team and has been with the company since before day one – as we usually say. He recounted one of his fondest memories as being his first interview with the Founder and CEO, and feeling excited about the prospects for this new product and our ability to turn it into something real! 

Gregg also looks back fondly on all the various team members that we have had over the years and is most proud of our current team and everything we are able to accomplish together. Small, but mighty, as he likes to say! 

MAD-learn’s Founder and CEO, Alefiya Master, resides in Atlanta, Georgia. One of her greatest joys was signing all the paperwork which led to MAD-learn’s creation and growth as an independent company. She fondly recalled the sense of freedom she felt and the thrill of beginning a new adventure.

Alefiya also shared another joyful memory which was the first quarterly bonus that the team ever received (Q3 2020) and the feeling of having us all win when the business wins!

As we celebrate our BIG 8, we’d like to propose a toast to so many more MAD-learn birthdays to come! Special thanks to our phenomenal school and district partners who put their faith in us every single day. We will continue to work for and serve the needs of your students. To all of our well-wishers, believers, supporters, friends, & family, we say THANK YOU!