MAD-learn Virtual Internship Program

Over the years, MAD-learn has made virtual internships available to students around the world. As a global team with offices in Pittsburg, Atlanta,  Delhi (India), and Accra (Ghana), we believe in connecting students around the world to learn from each other, sharpen their skills as well as acquire new skills for future careers. Here’s what some of our former interns have to say about their internship experience:

As a  team that has been operating virtually several years before the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to provide:

Global virtual team experience: students experience what it is like to do meaningful work virtually in a global team.

Increased Accessibility – available to students around the world, regardless of location

Real World Collaborations – aims at connecting students to work with each other and with a global team 

Skills Development – sharpens students’ skills and helps acquire new ones for future careers

Networking – provides an enabling environment for students to experience how to build and

maintain a network of relationships and mentors.  

Based on their interests, students are assigned to mentors (senior MAD-team members) who assign weekly tasks to them to accomplish. They report directly to their mentors who guide and help them navigate through challenges they may have. All tasks are stored/recorded in a special folder assigned to each intern on our G-drive. Interns also take part in our weekly team meetings where they
have the opportunity to share with the entire team what tasks they were able to accomplish during the week and what their plans are for the following week.

MAD-learn’s virtual internship program is very flexible based on the schedule of the student. i.e. the student lets us know how many hours per week they are available to work and we plan their tasks accordingly. Students have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in the areas of design, video creation/editing, social media marketing, blogging, coding, gamification, augmented reality, data analysis, storytelling, voice recording/editing, working with younger students and many more.

This internship program is a great WBL (work-based learning) opportunity for students and although it is an unpaid program, students may or may not receive stipends (of appreciation) at the end of their internship based on how well they performed during the internship period. All students, however, regardless of how they performed receive a MAD-learn virtual internship certificate.

In order to be considered for the MAD-learn internship program, the first step is for a student to apply

For further information, contact about MAD-learn’s internship process, feel free to contact our Head of Internships, Mrs. Doreen Frempong-Baah: doreen@mad-learn.com