MAD-learn, a proud partner of The Congressional App Challenge

MAD-learn is a strong advocate for making computer science available to all students no matter where they are from. In our bid to support this goal and with the help of our mobile app development platform, we have successfully helped and continue to help several teachers bring computer science to their non-computer science classrooms. In light of all that we continue to do to help both teachers and students, we are excited to share that MAD-learn is a proud partner with The Congressional App Challenge and aims to boost middle schooler participation in the Challenge.

The Congressional App Challenge, a program in which members of Congress challenge middle and high school students in their district to learn code and create an app, is the most prestigious prize in student computer science. Participation in the challenge has grown exponentially and reached underserved, diverse, and rural student populations. It is transforming how Congress views computer science and STEM. Since the challenge was first announced, Congress’ mentions of computer science and coding have increased by 2,000 percent! 

Our partnership with the Congressional App Challenge has been strengthened through various collaborations such as an APPy hour event we co-hosted in March that brought together teachers from all over the United States who were interested in learning more about how to integrate computer science into their classrooms and how their students could participate in The Congressional App Challenge.

MAD-learn also had the honor to speak at the 2022 Congressional App Challenge’s all-virtual #HouseOfCode – A three-day celebration that recognized the achievements of student winners from 2021’s Challenge. #HouseOfCode is the most prestigious demo day in student STEM — the new national science fair. With Congress at the helm, attendees at #HouseOfCode had the chance to hear directly from Members, viewed winning app demonstrations, and connected with other policy and tech leaders from around the country. 

Recently, two students of Lake Local Schools in Ohio made us extremely proud by creating awesome apps using MAD-learn and winning 1st and 2nd place for the 2021 Congressional App Challenge with the help of their amazing teachers. They received this honor from Congressman Anthony Gonzales.

In the video below, one of the winning students talks about his app and the inspiration behind it.

On this note, we have exciting news! The #CongressionalAppChallenge for 2022 is underway, and your students can participate! Do your students have great ideas? Are they looking to solve real-life problems? Encourage them to create an app that brings their idea to life.  A 2021 CAC winner shared some useful tips and tricks for anyone interested, so check out the link here

Now through November 1st, students can apply to the Congressional App Challenge to show their talents to Congress and the country! Any app created since November 2021 is eligible for this year’s challenge. For more information, visit: https://www.congressionalappchallenge.us

Good luck to everyone participating, and remember to always #inspire, #include, and #innovate