MAD-news for June: Certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts now earn $$

Hi Guest,

HAPPY SUMMER!! You have been through so much this school year, more than any of us could have ever imagined. But you are here, you are standing, you are smiling, you made it! Thank you for hanging in there for your students and for us. We hope you have a restful and rejuvenating summer break. You need it. #unplug

Alefiya Master

Founder & CEO


What’s hAPPening

New Class of Certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts

Congratulations to our newest class of Certified MAD-teachers and MAD-experts! We are so proud of the work that you do and your dedication to student success. With the generous support and sponsorship of friends and supporters of MAD-learn, Dr. Vijay Jog and Corporate Renaissance Group, we are now able to offer $50 Amazon gift cards to certified MAD-teachers and $100 Amazon gift cards to certified MAD-experts. Look for those in your inboxes, coming soon…



June’s Featured Tutorial

MAD-store Publishing Guidelines in Detail is a video that provides all the information needed for successful app submissions. Each section is examined, and examples of best practices are included. This is a “must-see” for students who want to have their apps published and shared with the global MAD-learn community!


Don’t leave without…

… finding us at these amazing summer learning opportunities with teachers and students!
June 15-17 – STEMapalooza
June 16-17 – Killeen ISD summer camp
June 18 – Chattahoochee Valley Community College summer camp
June 21-22 – Corsicana GEAR UP summer camp
June 23-24 – Mexia GEAR UP summer camp
June 26-30 – ISTE Live
July 2 – Chattahoochee Valley Community College summer camp
July 12-15 – Duval GEAR UP summer camp
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